Thursday, March 19, 2015

You May Need Houston Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen if You Try to Rob a Cab Driver by Force and the Cab Driver Is Able to Drive You to the Police

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This true crime story is by Kourtney Geers of
Houston Criminal AttorneyHarrisburg [PA] police are commending a 46-year-old taxi cab driver for his efforts resisting a robbery and leading police to the suspect. 
Police say the driver picked up a fare around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at South 13th and Sycamore streets. The man said he wanted to go to a nearby bar. The man then grabbed the driver around the neck and demanded money, police say. The driver tried to fight off the robber and drove toward the Allison Hill area of the city in search of police as the robber tried to choke him and said he had a gun and would kill him if he did not stop.
The driver hit the robber with a club and drove to the nearby train station, seeking police or other cab drivers. At the train station, the driver spotted a policeman, but the robber was able to get out of the cab and run away.
Officers quickly found 19-year-old Christopher Walton of Harrisburg walking downtown in a T-shirt, having hidden his distinctive jacket behind a Dumpster, police say.
Walton was charged with robbery and possession of a controlled substance.
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